Sunday, July 6, 2014


Our "Floundering Phillies" can truly prove they're as poor as they are by just analyzing the score cards of their games played. Statistics, though, don't answer all the questions. I wonder how, after all the time players spend learning the game of baseball as they age, can they arrive in Philadelphia and seem baseball brain dead when given a chance to play. Could they be mostly of low intelligence ?

Not being privy to IQ tests, I must turn to some other life indicators which could give me some additional insight into a players intelligence. One of these indicators may be found in a player's jaw. Show me a player with his jaw stuffed full of a chaw of tobacco and I'll show you someone, in my mind, low in intelligence. Medicine has shown the World the ills of tobacco whether chewed or smoked and someone who ignores the science has a definite deficiency in mental acuity.
Watch the players who do all the spitting and you'll see those who have their minds on their chaw rather than the game. Maybe you are a true fanatic and believe the Phillies are forever champions. Good for you, take a pinch and put it below you lips on your gums and mellow out. Cancer cares less who it attacks !

Ronald C. Downie

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