Friday, July 4, 2014


Who were those men 
Who used their pens
On words to liberate
Our Nation ?

First : A Declaration,
Then : A Constitution, 
Followed by : A Bill Of Rights.

Pinning their hopes 
On a New Nation :
"The United States Of America"
Evolved from just common people.

Today the common 
Has turned 
Into the uncommon.

They were all immigrants,
All from foreign stock,
Seeking a fresh start.

As all men seem able
To inflict harm,
Native Americans were 
Crushed over time.

Their stories have yet 
To be fully developed.

Congress, as they matured into
Full blooded, self proclaimed Americans,
Now champion exclusion over inclusion, 
Not unlike a drop of blood, color coded our Nation.

The further one moves away from its roots,
The more callous rank imperialism surfaces.

Our fragile planet is under attack.
Will its demise come from within or 
From some element beyond our viewing ?

I once thought "No Way",
But now, I am suspect of an internal source
Festering within which could be the end of us.

No longer, do we as a Nation, seem principled.
"The Love of Money" is a lust for power;  
It has turned us, as a Nation, 
Into a bunch of schemers.

Neither the farmer, nor merchant, nor businessman 
Of olden times will come back, so we're saddled 
With what we got. You, who are our informed 
Electorate, must react by seeking congressmen 
Of old school traditions rather than modern day
"Greed Is Good" mentality. 

Therefore, (keeping in Revolutionary twang),
These words I pen are dedicated to our Nation, to 
Its citizens, to its paraders, and to parade viewers.
Furthermore, these words are especially dedicated to our daughter, Heather, who was born on this date and whose family, no matter how far flung in the World they travel, are here dedicated.

Ronald C. Downie


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