Thursday, May 30, 2013

Golden And Great

Golden And Great

What bridges the living with the spirit world
Was answered today in a highly visible form.
Majestically over our Schuylkill River Valley
On strong feathered wings which tightly tethers
Rising drafts - up, up, up, - spiraling to sightless heights,

A noble Golden Eagle winged over us today .
Sir Eagle has a range so far and so vast,
Soaring, gliding, effortlessly on golden wings
Brushes Heaven's gate . So sharp its eyes which
Views all the lands and all inhabitants found there .

For eons, what are the tales, the hallowed stories ;
Songs of the aboriginal native sung to tribal drums ?
The unified dance around tribal fires sending embers aloft ?
The quest for tail feathers to adorn a magnificent head dress ?

As a badge of honor, a scepter, the feather's connected to the Gods,
Granting the possessor any wish he desired from the great beyond .
Passing over unknown to all of us, a mere speck in the high sky,
An Eagle touches many people without their knowledge, as would,
A thought, an idea, a premonition, an erie feeling, seeking escape .

A Great Golden Eagle, as does an undetected spirit, moves across
The high sky stealthily to the unobservant looking only ahead .
Dancing over the ground in a graceful ballet the great bird's shadow
Silently announces its presence in the sky above as a spirit may do .

Timeless, the grandeur of this magnificent bird is elevated by worship,
Which blurs the line dividing that of the living world from that of the spirit .

Ronald C . Downie

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