Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire And Brimstone

Fire And Brimstone

Blood red, wide and long, the front's moving east,
Accuweather got it right on, last night.
Huge from Binghamton, NY. through PA.
Clear down south well deep into Tennessee.

Climate change is affecting our weather
In stormy ways we're unfamiliar with.
Last night's front crossed half of the country
Leaving in its wake hail and downed trees.

It brought my early years back into focus :
Down Houck Road off of Harmonyville Road
Our house, with a wide front porch faced west,
Was just perfect to view storms moving east.

Often Mom would seek a deep, dark closet
To hide in but brother, Andy, and I,
Along with our Dad took to the front porch
To enjoy God's lightning, to hear him roar.

Around five fifteen as the wind picked up
I took to my front porch which faces west.
Not super intense, the forceful strong winds
Soon subsided while clouds thickened darkly.

Heavy rain developed blessing the greens
And flowers, trees and shrubs, grass and weeds.
A life cycle born of necessity,
Water is that heavenly elixir.

Our Earth is running out of fresh water
That can be drunk by plants and animals,
Including Man, who always demands more.
More to fill each desire, impossible !

"Water, water everywhere but not a
A drop to drink", a seafarer's chanty.
Man will have to desalinate salty
Water to just provide a minimum.

We must learn to farm thunder storms better
And not allow rain water to escape
Unused for Man's purposes, say, flushing.
The "Great Battle", control of grey water.

To change perception and change attitudes
Will take generations unless a vast
Calamity quickens Man's backwardness.
I hope you readers are futurists too !

Ronald C. Downie

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