Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Young Man's Journey

Young Man's Journey

Hand cupped, placed on the brow,
Interrupting the sun's glare blurring
The horizon a long way off. There,
At the curvature of the good Earth,
Beyond eye sight, no Man's Land,

Not unlike the barren pastures we all
Experience quite early on in our lives.
A land of the unknown without books,
Books that capture the world of thoughts
Neatly in words, growing ripe for picking.

Surveying the fact of living at land's end
Is the beginning of wonderment, of being
Inquisitive, finding strings that play the heart.
Within their covers, books have moved Man
Past ignorance through the pangs of tolerance.

From there : word upon word, book by book,
Writer after writer, studier supplanting studier
The World of Knowledge marches in step.
You've entered this universe at an early age
Committed to horizons as they stand in review.

Happy Birthday, Evan
Love Nanny & Pop Pop

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