Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Birthday Wish

A Birthday Wish

Little else do I have aptitude to do but to shuffle words together and come up with their meaning really representing my heartfelt thoughts. Birthday verse fits this definition.

This birthday poem is something special. Written for Connie my wife of nearly 49 years at her new age of 73 years while living in our home on Evans Street for nearly 39 years. Time does march on into the ages.

To Connie My Wife

The clock, on the mantel is ready
To receive all three hands pointing
Up, converging on the hour of twelve.

The sun, at its low point in the sky,
Is poised to begin its accent again,
Longing for spring, seeking summer.

The clock, makes its cycle twice each day;
The sun, does its thing needing only once.
But, you and I, ours is made in a life time.

Both of us, we are of a similar earthy substance,
The combination of both time and sun energy,
Joined these many years, like a clock at noon.

The sun, has an additional duty to perform
While sweeping throughout the vast universe,
It draws the Earth to orbit it in one single year.

We mark the passage of a year by birthdays,
As your's today, the twenty third of December.
You have made another orbit, the clock tics on.

Ticking, as it does, recording the inevitable passing
Of all cycles, not cognizant of spring nor summer,
But, in spite of time, we deal in a love for each other.

Love may not surface in traditional ways enough
To stop clocks or alter our own universe's actions.
Instead, being unsaid, does not mean it is dead.

I love you more each day knowing there is a limit
To our time together. Hopefully the seasons are
Limitless, clocks march on, and our love is eternal.

With All My Love,
Your Husband, Ron

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