Thursday, July 12, 2012



The City Of Brotherly Love's team is on a non-losing streak these last four days of the major league All Star break. Thank goodness for mid-season breaks ! 

I recently read a critique of "Four Poems for the St. Louis Sporting News" which observed this, "are some of the saddest love poems ever written, envisioning a world in which impermanence rules and all relations are determined solely by how they fail." Continuing the reviewer adds, "Having lived near Philadelphia where fans expect to be left down, ... ,  was seeing in baseball, a Philadelphia of the heart."

Yes it seems in my mind, that Philadelphia teams do just that - leave their fans down - while all the while overpaid, out of shape players spend their time reading accolades of their past having little concern for the job at hand in the here and now. I extend the intent of these comments to not only the players but also to coaches, the front office, and the owners.

When " a Philadelphia of the heart " finally sinks in to the attention of its fans, will they will show their distain by not buying tickets and filling the stands ?But remember the previous observation, Philadelphia fans expect to be left down, so is our area inhabited by losers rather than by winners ?

Which are you ?j

Ronald C. Downie

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