Tuesday, July 3, 2012

American Patriots

American Patriots 

Upward summer thermals spiral gulls so high,
To see them we must pierce the grey ashen sky
Aloft, one eyed squinting through man made haze,
An act made necessary to see, not just to gaze.

Crafty politicians knowingly look straight at you :
Two eyes forward looking, through and through.
They will not ask your mind to squint or pierce,
Sound bites of promises are enough for you or worse.

Truths and lies are mixed and then matched 
In mental cauldrons where schemes are hatched,
Then fed to you as rare inspired dreams.
Your vote through ignorance, it only seems

Their plan's to catch you unprepared. Say, No !
Denounce their logic and reset your mind to :
Question, broaden, be completely informed, and then,
You are "American Patriots" you women and men.

Ronald C .Downie  

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