Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Delights

Pumpkin Delights

Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights
Switch on Granddaughter's lights.
Something my poems will not do,
Stomach over mind is all but true.

The College scene, an unseen view
Of constant study, is voiced as true.
Nose held to the preverbal grindstone, 
An "all-nighter", song sung back to home.

But, Twinkie's ! Give Pop Pop a break !
Next, you'll claim you can bake a cake,
Or paint, in Oriental mode, graceful trees.
Or, with athletic prowess, defend as bees.

Elevated challenge, Heaven, often heard preached;
As a metaphor, goal obtainable, should be reached.
Gathering yourself for the final year, my Dear,
The journey, not precise, road maps not too clear.

As, "the same stream can't be stepped in twice,"
Life flows as water, ever changing, cruel or nice.
A stream collects from many rivulets and brooks
Gains volume and strength drawn of pools and nooks.

Hardly remembering one's own first baby step,
Though by it, your grand journey's start, kept.
May your desire to always achieve, never cease.
May your journey promote learning, World Peace.

Ronald C. Downie

Written for Granddaughter, Casey Elaine Downie, On her 22nd birthday 10-8-2011

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