Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minutemen Awaken

Minutemen Awaken
Utopian thoughts engorge my mental loins
As sly money changers craft worshiped will
Debasing strongmen into eunuchs, who do still
Think honor stems from high ideals, not coins.

Power swells smirking men happily fondling coin,
Who crypt in keyless shackles those of a lessor vein. 
They give Earth their fullest shift, with hope to gain
With honor life's reward, for offspring of their loin.

Power of a banker's nod brings foreplay to its max
As rush of playing GOD forges Temples in their mind. 
For eons man has thrust above the slyest of his kind;
Coin their allegiance, cherished dreams swing the ax.

I'm not willing to silence the fife nor quell the drum,
Both sounds our heart strings play to deep, so deep,
In the minds of America. You are not allowed sleep,
Fall in, shoulder your will. Now see - Freedom Won ! 
Ronald C . Downie

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