Friday, September 16, 2011

We Must Escape

   We Must Escape  

Genesis 1 . . . We must escape
The bondage slog of daily gyre
To free Wisdom's intrepid wings
From Hades' fire . . . Revelations 22 .

Three hundred long dark years went by :
Assemble, vote," u'ah, we got scripture !"
Talk about miracles, then they manipulate
The Gospels in praise of Heaven' s rapture .

Those monkish scribes of walled in thoughts
Lay to the demands of their zealot priests,
Archangels fly," Come in ", calls out Noah,
Christ walks on water, holds Passover Feasts .

Two thousand years pass, the plot thickens :
Priests, monks, pastors, cathedrals, spires,
Holliday choirs, candles, especially crosses,
Madrigals, Holly Hymns, all feed Man's desires .

"Why are we here ?" and "Who are we ?"
Unanswered still . Please intercede 
On our behalf before the Lord, for
We are unfit to plead our own need .

We wish our waters pure, our air clean to breathe,
Sufficient sustenance for all, a good strong society .
We must seek beauty everywhere, do no one harm,
Make Our World better, for us, and for all of thee .

   Ronald C . Downie  

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