Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry I Asked

Sorry I Asked

Have you ever thought, "sorry I asked", when in a conversation especially when you're talking to your doctor? That was my feeling recently during my last doctor's visit. He calls himself, my health supervisor, who monitors regular blood test information and reports from other health professionals I sometimes have appointments with. A visit with Doc always starts with," How are you feeling?" Of course my reply is, " Ok, I guess. " really though I rarely feel ok, rarely feel good.

During my latest visit when I told Doc I was tired of going to doctors, since I had just gone through multiple visits to a dermatologist who operated on three skin cancers, he looked irritated with my response. Then came my question, "Don't most elderly get these feelings?" 

My doctor, my health supervisor came out with it. He said, "The elderly are just living too long !" Yes, he hit the nail on the head, yes, oldsters like me should have expired years ago. Medicare and social security would then be saved and our country's books put back in balance.

I've outlived my parents by over a decade, my brother a decade and a half. Neither of us is living our older age comfortably, both have age related nonreversible physical problems. Our doctors are unable to help us live in a degree of comfort without pain which debilitates us and essentially imprisons us to limited surroundings. We're among many millions who are much worse off than we. We still have our mental faculties, at least, I hope so, but, there is a real bummer lurking out there when many elderly with pain free physical health have lost their cognitive mental health to Alzheimer's. 

Now, I don't know who I should apologize to : my wife, my family, my friends, or to the whole world for staying alive mentally though my body is fully spent. Sadly modern medicine has few real answers to give you unsuspecting young other than quit smoking, eat better but less, drink herbal tea rather than any form of alcohol, exercise daily for the rest of your active life. Good luck future oldsters !

"The elderly are just living too long" is an undeniable truth unthinkable to the young of our World who will realize in years to come this harsh fact of life. 

Ronald C. Downie

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