Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I can attest to being a creature of habit. I go to bed about the same time each night, 10 O'clock, I get awake about 5:30 each morning but don't climb out of bed until an hour or so later because I watch 
"Way To Early" with Willie Geist on MSNBC then follow with "Morning Joe" at 6 AM.

Not only do I get the breaking news of the day, I have the day's weather, the sport's headlines, and, especially, "News You Can't Use", a feature spun by Willie to get your day off with a smile.

By 9 O'clock I've read The Mercury, had my two cups of coffee, ate my breakfast, and I'm filled up to my neck with news and opinion, so seeking relief, I switch the TV from MSNBC to either "Easy Listening" or "Light Classical"on Music Choice in the 400 channels. Now I can pick up my iPad and review emails and Facebook postings while the music plays in the background soothing my thoughts. On this iPad I write down those thoughts developed through the night and early morning which, by reading this, you can experience some of those thoughts of mine.

When distanced from daily need to work at a job or a career by the perils of aging, time once so revered drifts away from urgency, as a leaf does when dropping into the current of a slow moving stream. Down stream the leaf will eventually lodge in its final resting place, not too differently than we, when we finally arrive at ours.

Writing has been very therapeutic for me, but for you who read this, my writing may seem gibberish at best and I apologize for this. I am trying to get you to write also since writing has been the backbone of discourse for longer than we wish to acknowledge. I hope you allow yourself time, the limited time on Earth that you have, to try your hand at writing for no other than for yourself.

Ronald C. Downie

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