Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Grace Your Garden

A milestone will be reached Sunday February,6,2011 when I reach 76 years of age. Father of five, grandfather of nine, great grandfather of three I have lived a full life. In an attempt to give lasting meaning to this life, I took up writing poems about eventful episodes shaping the years. I memorialized births and birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, as well as, critical life changing medical problems I've overcome.
I never claimed to be a scholarly poet because I'm not. Rather, my style is framed by describing a person or an event while also placing the pictured into some universal theme important to me. Preaching some would criticize. No matter, it's mine and I am proud to place these efforts into cyberspace for eternity to judge.
The following poem was written for daughter, Sherri Kurtz Downie, on her 40th birthday. Those who know her will see her hopfully in the images the words convey.

You Grace Your Garden

You grace your garden with flowers kept
As smiles on a fine face proud with care.
Each lead of day awaits the warm kiss
Of solar rays and clouds that gently tear.

Not- wishful wanting draws sense to pleasure.
Not- hours idle make dreams fit your scheme.
Fabric of the Earth you're woven a women :
Twice mother, two score, a matron supreme.

Give you a lever that's proper in length,
Give you a fulcrum to set firm and strong,
Not only mountains, but Earth will move too,
And flowers, and children, and all souls at song.

Ronald C. Downie

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