Friday, February 4, 2011

Congratulations Casey

The following poems are for two of my grandchildren, Casey, a junior at F&M in Lancaster, Pa.and Stephen, on the road in Kansas with the Dirk Quinn band battling the snow and storming weather. May our love for them keep them healthy and wise.

Congratulations , Casey

Within the heaving of your chest
Forever beats an energy universe :
Exhibited on many grass green fields,
Shown skillfully on wood court floors.

Just as a lamp when lit, illuminates
Clear words of a newly formed script
Showing fresh themes and big ideas,
Your spark will light a four year voyage

Through uncharted college waters.
By your sheer mental agility
And your true athletic ability
No sojourn is beyond your reach.

We heard the power of your voice
Fill the Chapel : the past, a future.
Leadership courts strong candidates,
They chose you to be team captain.

Dream map desired accomplishments :
Assault ego's rash arrogance,
Demand respect equal your own,
Win or lose, how you play, matters.

Sharp minds draft meaningful lives,
Gifted with athletic ability, better.
Build facts into useful knowledge -
Eureka ! Wisdom ! Harvest it !

Ronald C. Downie

For Casey Elaine Downie, granddaughter, upon graduating from The Hill School 5/24/08

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