Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comments on my poem, "Walk."

  The following poem, Walk, is my attempt to assess the physical condition I find myself in today. In a couple of weeks I'll be 76 years of age. Certainly a milestone in anyone's book, but remember, the span of time one lives is not necessarily the true marker of a good life. The quality of one's life, in health, in doing for others, in being an asset to your community is more important to society then the number of years you stay alive, I suggest.
   Look further below to "Haiku 4" first 3 line poem which admonishes :
"Live your life fully,
Good long life or life lived good -
Independent judge."
As I see life, we each live our own but some judge independent of ourselves determines its true value by some standards which may be foreign to us. Will it be our God, our church, our society, or some universal norm that every being is subjected to ?
  "A life lived good" sounds better to me.
      Ron Downie                        

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