Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Universal Health Care 

It's about time ! The time has come for Bernie's proposal to cover every American with Universal Health Care, from birth to death coverage of everyone, because it is your right by being an American.

When legislators begin to warm to this ultimate solution for health care they will hunt for offsets, income sources to replace new costs. I suggest, using child tax deduction value as a source of offset dollars. Since at birth a child will be guaranteed health care for the rest of his or her life, it seems parents could be persuaded to forgo some of the dollar value for income tax deductions on their annual fillings. 

Approximately four million babies are born in the USA yearly. This year each child brings with it's birth $4,050 of income tax deductions for the filer. Multiply four million babies by the value of four thousand of gross income in tax dollars and the IRS will have a sizable amount of money to work with. 

For the next 25 years these relatively healthy, young bodies will populate the healthcare insurance population and become the backbone of a universal system. Many may still be on their parents insurance policies until, at an age, when they become an adult.

Universality relies on 100% precipitation of all people to make it work. It also relies on having a monopoly so costs and income can be structured to cut out the middle men who, in the present system, suck out far too much capital which should be dedicated to actually caring for Americans. 

It is amazing that in the USA : the preeminent country of this World, the richest country, and the strongest one too, that our government has never implemented Universal Health Care for her citizens. Every other industrialized nation in this World has done for their citizens what America has refused to do for their's ; foreign countries have Universal Health Care for all their citizens by making good health care their right by birth. 

Ronald C. Downie

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