Saturday, October 24, 2015

Blood Red

At sun up, blood red sputtered out
Coloring Limerick's belched plume.

Recalling elementary
Days at Lower Pottsgrove Grade School.

Where teachers taught impressionable
Neophytes about cloud colors.

Intense cloud color comes from dirt
In the sky, dust, impurities.

Seems sun rays reflect off floating
Particles in plumes or high air.

But, to me watching morning wake,
Red sky Is like a darn red light.

Stop! Wake up, be alert! Stop!
Why should Limerick's plume run blood red ?

What color will radiation's
plume bloom into ? Should we worry ?

"Almost free electric promised",
Payment, I guess, for future ills.

Haven't gotten iodine pills
Yet. My diet is all pills now.

Who's kidding who? Is blood red an
Oman ? Is a color deadly ?

Just some thoughts on sun up's pleasure.
Thinking's muted when we sleep too late.

Ronald C. Downie

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