Monday, October 27, 2014

"Sport" - Free Of Referees

Sport ( botany ) has a different connotation than sport talked about in daily life. In a horticultural setting  
the word "sport" refers to an abnormality in a plant's growth habit that causes a growth to form on the shrub or tree inconsistent with normal texture, color, or size from its traditional habit. From these abnormalities most dwarf plants stem and are further cultivated into the general landscape.

A terrific "sport" specimen is highly visible 30 feet up in a white pine tree from my front porch rocking chair. I've watched this growth from my vantage point for many years growing larger and more compact in my neighbor's white pine tree along St. John's Street. The old Shaner Homestead ( 767 N. Evans St. ) was recently sold and is being remodeled as we speak. 

If anyone knows of an interested party who, through climbing the tree to further evaluate the "sport" with a closer look, maybe the new owner would oblige, if asked. I estimate the "sport" to be about 8 foot around, about the same tall, in its present extremely compact nature. The study of nature, especially close at hand, can be fulfilling to a naturalist who's freed finally from books.

Ronald C. Downie 

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