Sunday, December 1, 2013

Recent Thoughts

Thuggery not only invades America's streets but also diminishes college football. Where has the civility in athletic competition gone ?

True patriots fight, literally beat up each other, over sale items in a true black Friday tradition. The third world has nothing on us but utter poverty. We'll catch up, soon.

Blue cloudless sky, bright sunshine, crisp air, what's black about this Friday ? Oh! America exists on her consumers, stupid. Buy War Bonds.

A sharp mind atop a healthy body is the goal of a kale diet. Have you tried a kale smoothy ? Try one to find out a difference.

No wonder, the oaks outside my windows are so huge,
they exercise constantly in wind gusts blowing wild this end of autumn. We wait winter !

Which first - chicken or egg ? 
Which first - cage fighting or one punch knockouts ? 
Real life mimics sensationalized journalism.

Ronald C. Downie

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