Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Message, Sandy's Wrath

The Message, Sandy's Wrath

There is in every crises a message, a warning to change one's ways. Sandy's wrath was the message.

Will Man take umbrage with obvious answers and continue in his old ways ? Or, finally, will Man embrace science which tells of dire consequences if change is not undertaken by people living today ?

History will be able to tell our heirs what we did, but that's not adequate. An unknown World, one which our heirs would feel uncomfortable in, is something I am not willing to pass on.

Climate Change is a byproduct of Man's activity on this Earth. The billions necessary to clean up Sandy's destruction are in similar dollar amounts power plant operatives took in cost savings ill gotten from allowing pollutants to poison our air.

Standing alone, one plant here or there seems of little consequence, but multiplied over the Earth in almost incalculable numbers their pollutants enter our stratosphere to effect Climate Change on our same planet.

At some future date, catastrophic events will equal pollution emitters and then the scales will tip favoring mandatory change as a must. Will the Earth, as we know it today, still be salvageable for our offspring ?

Future historians hold the cards, they don't play in the games of life, they just record the outcome of those who played in the games along the way. Some of us today wish we could peer into the future and in some way alter history to our liking. Wishing has its place, wanting only an urge.

Ronald C. Downie

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