Friday, April 6, 2012

A Battle Won/Lost

A Battle Won/Lost

A recent reading shook up my dour disposition I've been experiencing lately. I've learned DNA testing shows Homo Sapiens of today are directly related to the ancient Neanderthals which we Homo Sapiens completely  exterminated eons ago. If we were able to wipe Neanderthals off the face of the earth, we must have been so superior compared to them. That led me to thinking Neanderthals were just an ignorant bunch of inferior, two legged beings. 

But, archeologists studying the Neanderthals tell us a different story. These scientists show us that in reality, proven through a study of recently discovered artifacts, the Neanderthal was a master at making useful tools. Their downfall is attributed to them making the same useful tool over and over again, never improving or improvising, never retrofitting or making the "next generation" model. 

Watching our country today, seemingly stuck on fossil fuels, unwilling to ween ourselves off energy infused carbons polluting when fired the World's atmosphere; we are acting more like Neanderthals than who we really are, Homo Sapiens. For Sapiens posterity's sake, already knowing the value of "next generation" energy sources - sun, wind, geothermal - you would think we could overcome the personal greed exhibited by the super rich in keeping a status  quo. Extracting carbon from the Earth is essentially like uncovering a gold mine and the worth of carbon skyrockets each day as the price goes up. Of course, the value of our Planet's atmosphere declines in equal proportion. 

Will Homo Sapiens learn the lessons Neanderthals failed to absorb ? Will we succeed as we always have done because we can improvise and refine, because we can picture a better future and understand how to get there ? We out witted the Neanderthals but, can we outwit our own who live in the immediate grubbing for every advantage their huge wealth can purchase ? Are we to be peopled by those who see a value in a livable planet which is environmentally sound benefitting all life forms ? Or, will the few who weld the power of the purse be able to pull a veil over the eyes of an unsuspecting electorate and continue to rape the Earth for their immediate gain, will they rule this Earth humans have assumed stewardship over ? The answer lies within you .

Ronald C. Downie


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