Monday, June 30, 2014

Parade on the 4th of July

Connie and I expect to be near our borough hall on the 4th to view the parade as we have always done over these many years. Friday for lunch at Town Center Park was enjoyed by us last week. For the first one undertaken and with favorable weather, we think this could be a very well attended advent scheduled monthly. The music was extremely good as was the food.

Even though we felt this event was fairly well attended, the park, in all its beauty, can accommodate many more hundreds people. It's relatively simple to attend : the park is surrounded by parking, it was designed for events like this, the planters and hanging baskets are, beyond compare, beautiful in their height of flowering.

The next Lunch in the Park will be in mid July, the 18th I believe. If you're in the mood to mingle, just show up to eat in a setting made for you. You know, when complaints are rampant and you think the borough doesn't do anything for you, take advantage of the park made especially for a citizen like you. 

Sometimes a person must put forth a personal effort in order to take advantage of what a small town is trying to offer its public. Pottstown is no different than other small towns which are struggling to exist ; each one has problems particular to them, but all are under the umbrella of a poor federal economy. Towns rise and fall on the sum total of the vitality of its residents as they take advantage of what's offered them.

Ronald C. Downie

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