Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mayor Anne Jones

Pottstown's Mayor's Mayor, Nancy Anne Jones, will sorely be missed since she was thought of as our Town's most active cheerleader. Up until the inevitable end we all must go through, Anne, I'm sure, was still thinking about her hometown, Pottstown, until her final passing. Some dreams are bottomless.

I served with Anne on the school board when she was president and later, when she was Mayor, I was voted on Borough Council from the 5th Ward. She must hold some record for the number of years of public service that she served the citizens of Pottstown. Anne's public service transcended the normal tenure expected of a person. She was elected to it, she lived twenty four hours a day in her roll as Mayor. To Anne, service had no bounds.

Mayors have come and gone: some memorable, some forgotten. Their photographs are grouped together in a large assemblage that may be seen in Borough Hall. Mayor Jones will be difficult to forget for she left her imprint on so much of this, we refer to, as Pottstown.

In Loving Memory of Pottstown's Mayor's Mayor,

Ronald C. Downie

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