Sunday, June 22, 2014

Born male and still proud of it, I shutter when I hear about the declining plight of women in the World these days. In the caldron of discontent, the Middle East's apparent devaluation of women can be readily seen as Sharia Law grabs hold when militants overthrow established regimes.

Women beware, your female independence is not only under attack in other areas of the World ; but also, here in the USA. Male dominance over female reproductive rights is awash in many state capitols throughout our country. The die is cast, the fix is in, an egotistical male dominated state legislature has little female empathy when they vote to repeal women's rights. 

It has taken generations for women to feel comfortable in their own skin rather than the doting, head bowed wife of colonial times. Over the centuries of progress, these hard gotten rights may only have been a fleeting gain. These rights maybe only a federal election away before women are subjugated back to second class citizens. You all can see what Money does to the political system. Yes, I believe, tons of money can change the World as we know it ; so, beware women, you hold the future of the World in your hands as you cast your most important vote. The vote to keep yourselves free, independently free.

Ronald C. Downie

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