Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's The Future
The lid keeping despots from taking over the country seems to be coming loose. Individuals are showing their muscles, will they coalesce ?
Even Gandhi tried to promote non-aggression without success. He failed by giving up his life to a gun shooter's bullet, children die now !
Carnage is rampant not only throughout this World but it is apparent now in The USA, once thought of as a harbinger of safety and freedom.
Ronald C. Downie

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our "Go To" Guy, Evan Alexander Downie

Neither walking on water nor loaves into fishes,
Does our grandson, Evan; son Ronnie's, boy,
Accomplish. But, what  he does for grandparents, 
Connie and me, we feel is of similar significance.
Evan understands the subtle needs of aging adults :
We need a helping hand to do quite menial tasks.
From time to time, a smiling face coming in the door
Brightens a lackluster day with a look, a happy hello.

You, Evan, our work oriented grandson's birthday is 
Today. Twenty One is an eventful day, which with 
The tic of the clock, elevates you from youth to adult.
A Man, by law, requires you to always act responsibly. 

We're sure you understand how important your life is.
A desire to care for other people is a biblical calling,
It embodies the principal : "Do for the least of us as 
You have them do for yourself", self fulfilling prophecy.

You are discovering the difference between Needs and 
Wants : a Need is what's required to live life fruitfully,
Want is something you desire free from life sustaining. 
To fully appreciate each is an experience in adulthood.

Youthful jaunts are fleeting away in past memories ;
Adult journeys are tugging at you to be now started.
Each journey, we are told, starts with the first step,
Every building rises brick by brick, one after another. 

It is up to you, "go forth and spread beauty and light,"
Be a nimble warrior by warding off negative thoughts, 
Be a polished striker, soccer's of the feet and head.
You're the kind of person our World needs, good man.

Reward yourself with an education first, then travel
The World spreading your knowledge throughout it.
Your importance flows through your veins with ease,
Don't flaunt it, accept it. Your the man of this hour.

A good man is not alway easy to find, you need be 
Born for the job, for -"a job worth doing is a job worth 
Doing well"- "a good job is its own reward"- your date 
Of birth, your 21st is a starting point, Happy Birthday!!!

With All Our Love,

Monday, December 8, 2014


I just experienced a fall which didn't infirm me anymore than I've already been: on a walker shuffling along waiting for the inevitable to happen. A small throw rug buckled up and caught my foot as I was moving from my bed toward the adjacent bathroom. Quicker, than I ever could imagine, face forward I fell. The crash was heard by my wife, Connie, in the living room and she came post haste. There I was prone on my belly tangled up in my walker bleeding from a cut on toes of my right foot while, all the time, wondering how the hell was I going to get up. 

Once upon a time, I was considered quite a strong, powerful man who gained his prowess by working all his lifetime out of doors at physical labor. In my younger years I became tuned toward agility by playing organized sports both football and basketball. Today, two month from eighty years old, all that I had pushed into my body has withered away, gone forever. I now find myself on the floor bleeding trying to roll over to crawl to my bed and pull myself up on it. I couldn't do it!
I was unable even with Connie's help to pull myself up onto my bed. It's a harsh realization that a lifetime's strength has left you forever and you're now dependent upon others for your continued existence.

Connie called our son, Ronnie, who was a sleep having worked 11 to 7 at Dana. He arrived and surveyed the situation. From behind me he encircled my chest under my armpits with his arms and physically lifted me up and laid me on my bed. Thank goodness for a strong son ! There, Connie dressed my cuts and I tried to compose myself. The rug disappeared by the time I tried to shuffle out to the living room to resume a semblance of normal living. I'm somewhat conscious of moving more slowly now but I'm leery yet about what will be my final demise. Many oldsters die of complications from falls and I suspect I'm a good candidate to be one of these. My fervent hope is you will not be one of these, too. Take care !

Ronald C. Downie

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sherri Lynn

No more lilting melodies dream the senses
Alive, but when the beat, a drumming beat, 

Tickles both feet, dancing a tap, tap, tapping ;
Rhythm moves hips to catch music's peaks.

Music seems to be the elixir of the youth in  
Folks, sweet in sound, substantial of energy,

Governed by notes, but still free of inhibitions,  
Allows few, by lyric and sound, find their spirit.

Dance centers the ultimate extension of sound
When captured by couples caught in its rhythm.

Weather orchestrates movements by sun and rain;
Musicians, in charge of swing, by song polish same.

In a carpet weave, like the footwork of a dance,
Threaded in design, builds final consummation.

It is presumptuous, I describe the World of Dance, 
Since you have the true gift of expressive words.

Again, the celebration of another year gone by
Is a reason, I verse, in written form : Happy Birthday !

With Love, 
Connie & Dad 


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Water's So Important
"Flow on Schuylkill, Schuylkill River flow on," is a thought I've often written about. Safely, the river is my source of water, is yours safe ?
I rue the day our World awakens to the fact of sufficient water is unavailable to wet the thirst of all its global citizens. Water/wealth !
It's not a frivolous want for water but the inescapable need for potable water which, second only to breathable air, keeps we humans alive.
Ronald C. Downie

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tomorrows Liquid Of Choice
Water, water everywhere but not a drop to "Waste". Desalination must be an area where investment in engineering will develop future good jobs.
Africa's great migrations stemmed from available water, an annual occasion. Man's migrations also for water, not oil, water the liquid of choice. 
China, industrialization equals jobs ; but, it also uses up vast amounts of water, notably, northern China is now devoid of useable water. 
Ronald C. Downie
Three Treasures

Break the mold
Burn the prints
Uncork the bottle
Speed the Genie gone .

Not of, but in this World,
Eye sight sharpens
Finds Nature's way
Quietly seeking silence .

Even though Nature does nothing
Nothing is left undone .
Enough becomes enough
Everything in it's own time .

Yin and Yang, the Te,
Into a family of oneness,
The practice of eternal light
Seeing small, listening more .

Keep needs to a minimum,
Wants to all but nil, for
Within each, a Universe exists
Where no storm lasts forever .

Flow as a water course
Which seeks her own level
Softly cutting it's own way
Unequaled in strength .

Surface your sixth sense :
To see, to hear, to smell,
To feel, and to taste are
Just not enough to liberate .

Cherish "three treasures":
"Courage" gained through "mercy",
"Generosity" found in "frugality",
"Leadership" developed from "humility".

Build life one brick at a time .
With a single step each journey begins .
Originating from a single source,
Existence ultimately depends on Love .

Instead of calendar pages
A slash joining four strokes .
Non-being, being, back to non-being
As the bell begins it's final toll .

        Ronald C. Downie
     -After studying The Tao-  
-Erica arriving at 21 years of age-