Sunday, July 23, 2017

Artful Tweets

Attention : DC's Potomac Tea - consumption could cause a severe case of forgetfulness. Multiple instances cited by administration, be careful.

Possums lay low during the day but become active during the dark hours. Would politicians be possum like characters ? "Of course!"
Why ?

Russians needed at least two translators for Don Junior's meeting but for Donald 's meeting with Putin, none. Donald's learned ; Jr's learning.

Kill me now, or kill the bill !!! Yes, yes, the Senate has given up : the bill is dead. Time for "single payer", " Medicare For All" !!! All Hands !

Congressmen love their second paycheck, money funneled to them by insurance lobbyists, so they vote against " Medicare For All", single payer.

" -, - ; Pants On Fire " starting to awaken D.C. as the oligarch cabinet begins to rethink their appointments. Sinking ships drown all hands.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tweeting a Dither

Elected, they graze at the public trough ; thru insider knowledge, invest gifted sums ; vote, their wallets ; integrity, wanting ; weak.

While stuffing themselves overfull with dollars, legislators tack to the winds fanned by Lobbyist, men with deep pockets of sinister nature.

"Medicare For All" comes alive for all USA residents as it has made positive life experiences for those over 65 years of my generation.

"Peace be with us." Congress to adopt "Single Payer Health Bill" by finally coming to their senses. Medicare for all sweeps a sane nation.

Ignored intel, fetich with blond hair, arrogant, narcissist, a self serving leader who lead his troops to oblivion. Death his claim to fame, "Custer".

Zombie Apocalypse is aggressively upon us. We, the fatted calf, are ripe for picking, unthinkingly ignorant of the swamping political tide.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Life is all A'twitter

Timely "pulling out"is a responsible way of controlling World population ; but is a poor way of preserving this Earth for future generations

The troika of climate deniers votes for a leader : Syria, wins out; Nicaragua, close second ; USA, also ran. Leading from behind, stinks !

A Serpent, clothed in ignorance, loosed on the World, can be found in our country mucking up the works by incessantly tweeting garbage.

How long, just how many years, will our government take to right the ship and undo the injury this president has done to USA's functioning ?

"Covfefe" is a loathsome word used by ingrates in their attempt to sanitize their discourse. It backfires frequently becoming a juggernaut.

Four Intelligence heads questioned ; they : hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing. By not answering, they do one more, cover their ASS's.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Once : Dank, Dirty, Discusting

Off and on, I worked in Pittsburgh in the late 1950' early 1960's at a time when the city was becoming cleaned up under the watchful eye of four term mayor, one term governor David L. Lawrence. Pittsburgh, one of the worst, dirtiest, polluted cities of the Industrial Revolution era, proved to the World pollution was man made but, also, its effects could be eradicated by man.

In his style, President Trump set out his decision to pull out of The Paris Climate Accord by stating that he is the leader of the people of Pittsburgh, USA ; not Paris, France. Ironic is the fact that, in the election Mr. Trump won, the electorate of Pittsburgh voted 60% for Mrs. Clinton. The Pittsburgh Mayor said essentially that, thanks but no thanks, his city will do just fine without Trump's endorsement

If you lived in Pittsburgh, I bet, you would much rather have someone like David L. Lawrence to gather around, than with Donald Trump. Mr. Lawrence was a progressive visionary whose efforts were for the city and its citizens ; whereas, Mr. Trump has turned out to be narcissistic misogynists looking out for Donald Trump, only. I would think, most all Londoners can do without Mr. Trump's tweets as, more and more, Americans are becoming sick of them. Life is becoming one that reveres clean air, potable water, and friable soil for all the Planet's inhabitants. Blessed Be !

Ronald C. Downie

Friday, June 2, 2017

Of, By, and For ...

I learned that back in my childhood there was a time when citizens of certain countries were hoodwinked into dream able thoughts of imperialism by deranged dictators. In true dictator fashion, starting out with loud lies, small cadres of malleable people, long starved for attention, gravitated to lies like they were mana from heaven. They provided the fervor of combined voices which reverberated thru their countries and led the populous to ultimate defeat. Germany, Italy, and Japan were among these countries where impressionable people became the tails that wagged the dog.

Now, closer to the exit from this life experience, I get an up close view of similar circumstances right here in The United States Of America from homegrown malleable people. Similarities are indelible ! The outcome must not be allowed to follow suit !

Being a country of laws initiated by a Constitution that spells out why all men are created equal ; we, who are of free mind and sound of body, agree to be governed by this body of laws. Laws apply to all regardless of stature, of wealth, and of personal aggrandizement. Some who distain the Constitution, our hallowed document, also disparage some citizens because of skin color, of religion, of gender affiliation, of not acquiring personnel wealth, and because of having some physical abnormality. These people are toxic and must be singled out so their voices do not drowned out the vast majority who enjoy the freedom given them by the Constitution.

Of, by, for the people !
Ronald C. Downie

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Wrath of War

Will there be a time when WAR will be the only way America gets its economy rolling ? When that day comes, there goes the World as we know it.

I envision a black robed, bearded, old man leaning on a scythe, his free arm extended heavenward holding in his hand a bolt of lightening. He is ready to launch this bolt everywhere on our Earth.

Masses, fervently in prayer, huddled on their knees, and, in a unison voice, can be heard : " Lord, oh Lord ! Forgive the ignorant for they know not what they do ! "

A "Nuclear Winter", as it culminates all over the World, brings death of unimaginable voracity to all living organisms. Escape is a "fools gold"
when radiation invades every aspect of life and all life forms. There is no "Marshall Plan" that can alleviate the aftermath.

No ! We cannot just "forgive the innocent" for they have been entrusted by our electorate with preserving our union from outward intrusion or from internal disorder.

No longer is the work of planetary politics a game, it is to be dogged work, day in and day out, to move the country into a position that, at the end of each day, America is closer to becoming "A More perfect Union" in spite of adversities.

This, our leaders have pledged upon taking their Oath of Office. They must, at all cost, be held to their solum duty. They may not be allowed to ignore "The Grim Reaper" poised over the World to unleash his bolt of utter destruction on our World.

Ronald C. Downie

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Brother Andrew Downie

My only sibling Andrew (Andy) was born in 1930 on May 30th just north of New York City in Tarrytown, as I understand. I was born on February 6, 1935 in Elmsford, New York. Andy's and my first homes were located in this area of New York because both Mom's and Dad's families immigrated from Scotland; Mom's from Dundee, Dad's from Glasgow. Mom's family settled in Bayonne, New Jersey, Dad's in New York around the area where Andy and I were born. Both families settled in ethnic conclaves of Scots though in Dad's location there was a much more concentration of Scottish than in Bayonne, NJ.

Independent of each other they both booked passage back to Scotland for a vacation sometime in the late 1920's. They met aboard ship in a storybook romance and their desires became realities when they got back home. The distance between Bayonne and Tarrytown was considerable so their courting was a long distance affair but marriage was its outcome with Andy and I coming along later. As a married couple they settled in New York State joining the other Scottish settlers living there. Football ( soccer ) was the rage for young men and Dad joined his brothers in playing for the Partick Thistle, a local club in an amateur league.

Along came a calamity, The Great Depression, and no work was to be had. Dad, a journeyman draftsman, lost his position and only found part time work in an A&P lugging baskets of fruit around until he was sidelined by a burst appendices. As he recovered all "want ads" were read and reread, over and over. Bethlehem Steel, in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was in want of experienced draftsmen, Please Apply ! He did, got a job, and in the summer of 1934, with Mom pregnant with me, he came alone to Pottstown to work, and after a day's work, looked for a place to bring his young family here.

Like all young families around this time, especially those without family in the area, we rented and moved, rented and moved, from one school to the next. Brother Andy, we think, went to every school in the town. I lucked out because, by the time I entered school, our family was fairly stable in a house they were purchasing on Houck Road in Chester County. Andy and I went to Warwick School, a 12 grade school on Route 23, in Warwick.

Tragedy struck Andy at a young age : he went to his school buddy's farm to help mow grass and an adjoining hayfield. His friend of similar age was operating the old tractor equipped with a scissors cutting bar which reached out about eight feet. As the tractor moved forward this cutter bar out to the right would activate like a scissors during a cutting activity. Andy walked on the wrong side of the tractor to talk to his buddy and trying to retreat both feet got cut in the heels. The cuts were into the bone but thank goodness weren't high enough to sever the Achilles' tendons. Needless to say, Andy never was the fast runner he was before the accident. He and Dad had similar body frames, Dad's from a longtime running playing soccer. Andy's injury didn't keep him from joining the Navy during Korea at an age shy of twenty.

Our parents sold the house on Houck and bought one in Lower Pottsgrove on North Keim Street. When arriving there, I went to Lower Pottsgrove Elementry up on the hill on Pleasantview Road and Andy went in to Pottstown to Junior High School. We both graduated from Pottstown High School.

This is a glance at my family in the early years. Brother Andy would have been 87 today had he lived. He retired as a professor of The English Language from the New Jersey college system after teaching English for half a century. Though we were four and a half years separated in age, we both revered each other for what each of us had done with our lives. Brotherly love is a type of endearment needing little association between the individuals. It spans both time and space in a strange way. Rather than feelings it is more of a sense of being that allows substance between siblings without direct contact, it is what they call family.

Ronald C. Downie