Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fourth Of July

As I sally forth next week, the Fourth Of July will begin with a parade down High Street on Friday. Marching troops, military and other, will join with the music of parades tapping out the rhythms the marchers and spectators will move to. I especially look for the kilted pipers who squeeze their bagpipes into submission and, as I imagine, I want to dream of myself in the highlands of Scotland a chasing the deer if ever I could. 

A parade is the manifestation of the public's attitude about our past, about our present condition, and says a lot about where we go as a nation in the future. The past is what was, the present is fleeting each moment, but the future lies ahead and will test the metal that our country is made of. 

We're all familiar with the normal peopled parade events : certainly the marchers, the bikers and automobile drivers, the fire truck drivers, the dignitaries, and all those flesh and blood participants. I have yet to see for parade review the corporations recently classified as persons. Are they cloistered somewhere turning their counted money into speech as also determined by our high court. As antithetical as corporations seem to me to be participating in a parade, I wonder, for the rest of you, does this sentiment carry over into your daily life ? 

The true nature of a Fourth Of July Parade is up to each of you to determine; what our forbearers fought for and what we honor is at stake each and every July 4th. It is also at stake each and every election cycle we participate in. Who said, something to the effect of - 'it's our's, if only we can keep it'.

Enjoy parades but it's elections which count !

Ronald C. Downie

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