Thursday, June 19, 2014


I wonder, how can this Earth be in such a turmoil and still keep right on ticking ? Controversial or not, I am drawn more and more into the Gaia Hypothesis as an answer to my quandary. Gaia is the Earth imagined as being one single organism with both organic and inorganic elements interacting with each other that allows the planet to level out the environment so life  may exist here. The Earth, one giant living organism ?

Similar to ourselves, who are made up of billions upon billions of bacteria each in itself an organism but, in the scheme of life, each is interdependent upon each other so the human is called a single life form. A composite just like the Earth.

The human is capable of many beautiful jesters ; such as found, in art, music, dance, prose, and poetry ; but also some horrific deeds, maim, torture, starvation, mental manipulation, even death. A living organism is not immune from harm nor from happiness, but just is, as the pressures push it. 

History shows us that, when public pressures swell, the citizens of the World turn more sour or sweet according to the type of pressure felt and reacted to. If the principles of Gaia hold true and pressure is exerted on the Earth, like crippling pollution, the Earth, after the tipping point is reached, may not recover for present human life to exist here. Some forms of life probably will adapt but humans will be some of the life forms to go first. 

Under the subtitle pressure that human life is expendable is it any wonder turmoil can be found in almost every corner of this World ? Humans have the capacity to act out their frustrations in very bad ways by degrading many other men and women living among them on our Earth. "We are what we are", hardened from young by fervor and zealotry from our parents who just emulate their upbringing in some Holy Whirlpool of frenzy. Are we caught by the timeless pearl called a single living organism ?

Ronald C. Downie

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