Monday, August 15, 2016

Thank You All

Settling in and mellowing out in Florida so it's time to thank everyone who responded to my earlier post. Thank You !!!

It's sunny and warm during the day but comfortable in the shade. Blue skies dissipate around 4Pm with a short thunderstorm - the old way us northerners remembered Florida - raining some every day in  Summer's late afternoon

Went in the pool, day one, but on day two, got a much needed shower, first good washing in a long, long time. The outside pool shower suited me fine because it's roomy enough to accommodate a seat and my walker too. I feel so clean today that I probably squeak. Impaired people desire not the big things in life but, the little ones, the simplistic daily things most healthy mobile people take for granted.

For now, Old Pops

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  1. So glad to hear you are settling in well! Enjoy the warm weather and the pool!! I'll be reading every so often, so I hope you keep writing!

    -Alyssa =)