Thursday, August 25, 2016

Red As A Beet

Did I hear it correctly ? If elected, Donald Trump would be the oldest elected candidate ever. Yes, all others were younger males, from way back, all males back to the beginning of our nation. This year is our chance to change the course of history and elect a women to run our great country. Her contender, speaking at 2:15 PM in New Hampshire, looks as red as a beet in face and hands, you know the look , looks of a liar's face flushed and swollen.

Going back to New York City each night Mr. Trump, we would think would look rested, not flushed and ranting. Like a barker at a county fair, this ripe red faced ring master, reads his rants from a teleprompter hollering out in a high shrill which intensifies his flushed demeanor. Could it be that he falls asleep in his personal suntan booth that colors both his hair orange and his skin red ? Is there something more to his returning home each night besides having a trophy wife waiting there for him ?

Somewhere out there in cyber space there could be another conspiracy theorist detailing a story about an elderly man who has sufficient wealth that can pay for medical treatments which rejuvenates him over night. Something along those lines could be a bomb shell if true. I've no knowledge of nor stomach to propagate such a story but some out there do, realizing what is being said all the time on the Internet. Sounds kind of James Bond'ish !

Ronald C Downie

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