Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Commentary : You Need To Know

Yesterday was quite eventful. Two media related events woke up my senses enough for me to describe them to you today. First, a copy of Charlie Reece's final editorial was shared with me by a cousin in Bayonne, N.J., Bruce Piggot, who is my mother's brother's son and is a huge Bernie Sanders fan. Bruce keeps me abreast of cutting edge information the World should know about.

Reece wrote about the influential 545 governmental officials out of over 300,000,000,000 citizens who are legally in charge of running the United States Of America. Total, all, everything pertaining to operating our government, Charlie points out, directly stems from one or more of these officials either through their votes or appointments. If there is a problem of governing the finger is directly pointed at them, "the buck stops with them".

If you vote, you are these officials boss. You're their boss and best you realize it, best you make them toe the line. Your disgust with any facet of government directly stems from one, some, or all of the 545 people. The ballot box is your ally. Treat it well. Vote!

Secondly, I saw the film, "Man Of The Year" starring Robin Williams as the comedian, Tom Dobbs, who is deviously elected President of the USA. Everyone should try to view this film during election season since Williams asks the questions only a comedian asks but, in hind sight, we all should be asking questions at every election.

This eye opener of a movie, brought to us through Chris Matthews' supporting roll as himself of Hardball fame, twists and turns as it tries to bring home the theme - how we're governed is up to each of us - each of us questioning before we use the power of the ballot. Check both out. Make a difference !

Ronald C. Downie

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