Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Modern Man

Purpose is to a modern man
As plunder's to a Pirate's plan.
Each fulfills either want or dream
By honest work / devious scheme.

Trumpets blare, grand march on tap, as
Spectators shuffle, some wait jazz ;
While others, caught up, seek pageant.
Most breath easy, alł are content.

Coffee after juice, buttered toast,
An egg and bacon, tonight roast
Beef, potatoes, and green string beans.
Glass red wine, if you have the means.

Simple life, ordinary, normal :
Work, eat, sleep not very formal.
He looks at simple things, poem like :
Eight beats, few rhymes, some keys to strike.

I am the drummer in the band
Cause they can hear me cross the land.
Words come a plenty, time to time,
Now all dried up, the end, it's fine !

Ronald C. Downie

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