Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Only Distance

Getting nostalgic - living at my new home, thinking of old times - that compels me to write in words which describe my feelings. It's funny : daybreak on the west coast of Florida comes about an hour later than it does in southeastern Pennsylvania meaning the Gulf Coast is further west then up in Pottstown. It's just a fact needing to get used to. Troublesome urinary problems awaken me throughout the night so at daybreak, whether up north or down here in Nokomis, I'm awake, no matter if the clock shows 5 or 6am.

When I was quite young, 6am was often my awakening hour, not to get up and get going, but to turn the radio on to WOR , New York, so I could hear Jan Peerce singing "The Blue Bird Of Happiness". Each weekday morning the station played this quite long record in its entirety. I'm going to bring it up now and listen to it. By God, this did take me back to the early 1940's when "the only thing I had to fear was fear itself."

From a ten room house, a large front porch, a detached garage, and big, big oaks  to a Florida ranch with pool, a lanai, hot tub, and two small dogs my life goes on. "Keeping my needs to a minimum and my wants to almost nil" life revolves around a walker, a lift up chair, a hospital bed and windows. Year round air conditioning and my daughter's physical assistance makes southern living so much more tolerable. I really like this new home Lia and Marty have provided for Connie and me.

Ronald C. Downie

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