Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In Remembrance Of Doctor Jack Lupas

In my later years I've gained a greater fixation on death and dying, obituaries are a daily challenge to read, carnage on the news holds my attention longer, and, generally, I think of little else. Yesterday, when I read Doctor Jack's obituary, it really hit me hard. Doctor Jack Lupas was one of the good guys both within his profession and as an everyday gentleman and a devoted family man. My condolences go out to his wife, Judy, and to his offspring in their loving remembrance.

My fondest recollection of Doc was of him either reading or reciting his poems to the audience attending an organized Poetry Reading event we both attended for a number of years. Jack was a very accomplished poet. Doctor Jack Lupas will surely be remembered  around  Pottstown for his medical accomplishments but, I and others who knew him personally, will think of his loss to humanity as leaving a large hole for now and future generations to fill.

May He Rest In Peace !
Ronald C. Downie

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