Friday, December 11, 2015

Evan Alexander Downie, a birthday poem

"Coming Of Age"

Squaring circles is an old fools errand
But, coming out of a trunk, is a young
Man's folly, a birthday surprise for all.

A baby born male matures into man :
By right of passage, by induced thinking,
By dogged pursuit of a profession.

Coming easily is not a tepid
Statement. Advancement is not giant steps,
But sometimes, one forward and two backward.

At twenty-two you've done so very much
Already : mastered work, hit the college
Books, and are at ease in the adult realm.

Having self confidence hits a high mark
Toward your just reward of being a
Man's man, self reliant, self assuring.

Caring for others is a Nobel cause.
A nursing career takes both book knowledge,
As well as, empathy and compassion.

Keep your head on your shoulders, held up high :
Your sight forward, see the ultimate prize,
A future of fulfillment, a settled life.

Enjoy this day of your birth with close friends,
Remember, you're programmed for many more.
With our love, go forth, explore this vast World !

Happy Birthday !
Love You ! Nanny&PopPop !

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