Friday, January 1, 2016

Lily Noelle Kurtz, a birthday wish in verse,

Dear Lily,

Which is that day that teenagers long for ?
Sixteen's certainly one they mainly seek,
And you are arriving there today ! Yea !!!

Comfortable you seem in rays of light :
Shadows in color, shapes of all delight.
From your eyes to canvas and then to our's.

From the source of water silting each dale
Comes the verdant slopes inclined upward to
Mountain heights so grand to merit painting.

Whether you're into landscape or portrait,
Flower or fruit, the sea or the sky,
Interpretation's the mind of the brush.

I, while hearing fine classical music
Which triggers my senses, allows my mind
To flow in vapors reserved for artists.

It is from these vapors our Lily grows
Into a young lady of refinements.
The whole wide World extends its loving arms.

Establish your own self identity
By being true to yourself, to others,
To the whole World. Love that World you are in.

When climbing the staircase of passing age,
Don't force the issue, just accept each step.
There is no going back, only forward.

Allow each day to invigorate your
Ability, to stimulate yourself
To be as good as the best, or better.

Happy Birthday, Young Lady, Best Of Luck !
May you smile each day by scrubbing off frowns !
Above all, be yourself, you're our Lily !

With All Our Love,
Love Nanny&PopPop

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