Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Connie, Constance Mae Downie, birthday words in verse

My Care Giver

Once totally independent, I'm now
Seeking life support, someone to lean on,
My crutch, my care taker, yes, my soul mate !

Going on fifty two years of marriage
From the World's Fair through two girls and a boy
Our family weathered normal ups/downs.

We are greater than the sum totals of
Our individual parts extending
Our family deep into the wide World.

Your birthday begins with an accenting
Sun. For the next six months its arc rises
In the sky toward Equinox in June.

A wimpy fall gone as winter limps in ;
Days sure to get longer as spring sneaks in.
Love declares its season is twelve months long.

Today, we simply sit across the room
Peeking, from time to time, at each other
Love has subtle ways of manifesting.

As it matures, love is not physical
But is a mental exercise of your
Accommodation with an other's life.

I rest my case, fondness from affection
Grows maturing into true love as time,
The great equalizer, shifts into gear.

Looking back, episodes swish on by me,
Facts dim over, truths rest in quite dim light,
But, it's not a dream of love, it's true love.

December 23, 2015, your day of birth :
My fervent hope is your health remains strong,
Your crosswords come easy, Force be with you.

Happy Birthday,
Love, Your Husband, Ron

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