Friday, December 4, 2015

Sherri Lynn (words in verse at birthday time)

"Salsa On Her Mind"

An awakened Dynamo describes your
Lifestyle of perpetual motion.

To music : feet stir, the body supple,
Two form one, meld through rhythm, pulsating.

At peace with nature's phases at your work,
You draw color and sustenance from soil.

Heaven : spreads forth sun rays, clouds their moisture,
To appease you, the master gardener.

Life, being as it is ; you're who you are :
Independent at the core, female strong.

Woven throughout your life are words of hope,
Poetic justice at work in verse form.

Decades pile up as years pass in review.
Accomplishments are historic events.

Live your life in the now ! Past important,
Tomorrow will happen. "Immortality" ?

Happy Birthday,
Connie &Dad

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