Monday, July 11, 2011

Will ad Kate

Will and Kate 

Are the British Royals here to look us over for maybe a take back when the US becomes a basket case and China sells us off at discount ?  Mao's descendants soon will have squeezed all they can out of our- lowest priced possible society- that they'll no longer want us. Our leaders are meeting this evening, Sunday July 10, 2011, to decide America's future, or is it, meeting to chart our demise ?

If you are a women, if you're old, if you're a student, if you're a minority, if you're poorly educated, if, in the future, you're going to need a helping hand tough luck. The future looks bleak for for the vast majority of citizens especially in light of our leader's recent history of squeezing the poor while falling over themselves to give more to the rich and the super rich. It is easily understood, the poor don't contribute to people running for office but the rich and the super rich do. These fat cats get paid back with legislation that pays them back over and over again - money begets money.

Watch the posturing tonight as it will be dissected by talking heads for days to come. It's our future they're toying with, these pillars in Congress who seem only to have in mind their next election. Selling out a country to gain power to crush the masses like we were bugs so their rich benefactors could accumulate more money is the game being played. 

Will and Kate didn't get a full look at the USA but they read about us and like millions of others, they wonder, "WHY ?".

Ronald C. Downie

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