Friday, July 29, 2011

American Patriots 

Summer thermals spiral gulls so high ,
To see them we must pierce the ashen sky
Aloft , one eyed squinting through man made haze ,
An act made necessary to see , not just to gaze .

Politicians knowingly look at you :
Two eyed , forward looking , through and through .
They will not ask your mind to squint or pierce ,
Sound bites of promises are enough , or worse ,

Truths and lies are mixed and matched 
In mental cauldrons where schemes are hatched 
Then fed to you as rare inspired dreams .
Your vote through ignorance , it only seems

Their plan's to catch you unprepared . No !
Denounce their logic and set your mind to :
Question , broaden , be informed , then 
You are - American Patriots -  you women and men .

    Ronald C .Downie  

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