Friday, July 15, 2011

Haiku 27

Haiku 27

No jobs, no jobs, none,
The "Party of No" speaks out -
No jobs, no jobs, none.

Sent to work for us,
Congress grovels for money -
Re-election goal.

The Rapture's new date,
August 2, money melt down -
Send them off - vote out !

Even Wall Street's scared,
Their World's built on gambling rich -
Poor not in market.

I'm Depression born,
Soon to die in another -
My life's a failure ?

My depression grows,
As U.S. Recession grows -
My depression grows !

Russian roulette time,
Gun to your head, pull trigger -
Don't flinch, listen, click ! ( or unheard, bang ! )

Ronald C. Downie

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