Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts of OBX Nights

While sitting here looking out the front windows at an ever increasing intensity of snow coming down, my mind drifted back to some years ago. Connie, my wife,is of the Hall Family who had a family reunion down at The Outer Banks, North Carolina, about eight years back.
The days were fine but the nights struck my mind as being special. Light pollution at night in Pottstown is so bad few if any stars can be readily seen by me from my home. I do recognize the planets that shine more brightly though.
Viewing a rising Moon coming up from the horizon Of ocean meeting the eastern sky took my breah away. It was a full moon at that which dominated the heavens for me. But,never since I was a very young boy before World War Two had I seen stars as numerous and so sharply bright.
The following poem, "An OBX Night", captures some of my feelings which I thought about that first night and the others of that eventful week.
Ronald C. Downie

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