Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Introduction to Flood Twins a Poem

Flood Twins, a poem from many years ago was just posted below in an effort not to forget the Schuylkill River as a force of Nature to be respected. We as a community are entering into some tough times because of deteriorating infrastructure: the Keim Street Bridge,the Route 100 Bridge,the Railroad Bridge crossing over High Street west of the Manatawany Creek.

Not if, but when floods happen again the detour relief routes will be cut off due to flood waters: the Collage Drive underpass floods impassable with just a heavy spring shower, the Mamatawany Creek, with the islands being rapidly built up at the King Street Bridge,will back up and over flow King Street at the park entrance.

Will floods happen this spring? I don't know, but, with living here 75 years I've experienced
numerous floods of various intensity and undetermined length. As with most communities, we rise to emergencies but forget to do preventive maintenance so emergencies are mitigated and only happen with a true catastrophe.

You, by reading this blog, will be exposed to a number of river poems written over the years.

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