Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Schuylkill -1-1-11

The following poem , Our Schuylkill Mother ,was written as a plea to town fathers to fight the Norfolk Southern Railroad from continuing to keep active the rail spur running along the north bank of the river next to College Drive and The Industrial Highway west and east of Hanover Street.

Many years earlier this spur was essentially abandoned but for some reason town fathers Of that earlier generation decided to reactivate its use.

To fully create a public friendly river front, "a magical place", as an aggressive faction recently formed has suggested, the single track must go. Access to rail service for present end users can be achieved from the multi tracked main rail.

I only hope more activists take up the cause to give the Schuylkill River a chance to lead Pottstown in a meaningful renaissance.

Looking for help, I'm Ron Downie, The Posted Poet.

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