Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An OBX Night

      An O. B. X. Night

Way out there where the inky ocean meets
       The eastern night sky,
       A red sphere silvers
  As it lifts from the waves to
  Begin its nightly grand arc
     Across the heavens 
     Bringing moon light
  To a sleeping dark planet .

     When full, the silvery moon
Gathers up to swell the tide high by
Raising lapping waves above normal .

Does this same moon cycle draw fluids
Up in life forms as it does with water?

Can abnormalities in beasts and humans
     Be traced to full moon cycles ?

Are stories bordering on the macabre
A certainty of a full moon's power ?

Do you, as I do, look up on a clear moon lit night and wonder
While viewing visible craters that creates a bright faced full moon 
What is this force that causes changes here on Earth ?

A clear night at the Outer Banks enables keen sight .
Sight that is keen is not always a big picture's answer.

Insight that moves beyond the senses, beyond the obvious,
Has more of a chance to capture what we call Spirit sense.

     Ronald C. Downie

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