Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lee Hall's 90th Birthday

My wife's family- Hall on her father's side, Smith on her mother's -Both sides had long lived seniors among the members. Lee Hall was in his mid-ninties when he died. I took to writing poetry when I wrote poems for special occasions, such as his birthday.

You too, if a guy like me essentially a farmer can take to writing, so can you. You need only a piece of paper and a pencil with an eraser to get you started. Like letter writing except a poem needs to flow from you for you and needs also to have a voice coming from within you. It need not be fancy nor sophisticated.

Within you is a universe which only needs a means of release into the World around you.Uncle Lee Hall's 90th Birthday

East came the cows from Mifflin County
On the rails also rode the Family Hall.
Lee, the youngest, yet not very tall
Settled Parkerford, Halls to farm its bounty.

Later tracks lead east to "Brotherly Love",  
City of choice, one of bustle and RR work.
The Pennsy named Lee Hall a "Super Clerk".
Lee, four score and ten, lived all the above.

And: two wars, named conflicts, a Desert Storm,
Horse, the car and plane, then Moon, now Mars,
Radio, the movie, stereo, television, and disco bars.
Yes, Lee, you have lived all this in "Super Form."

Ronald C. Downie

Lee lived through just about all the years of the 20th Century.

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