Sunday, April 5, 2015

Evan Brandt, Digital Notebook Response

Realizing you're not from Massachusetts, birthplace of America's most admired legislator- The Honorable Senator, Edward M. Kennedy- you certainly may not be amenable to governing by the art of compromise as he was noted to do. I imagine even dipping down deep and awakening the Devil to seal a deal was not outside Ted's ambition. I doubt that anyone of the Cuomo dynasty would dip so low. A New York pedigree is to be beyond the temptation of compromise, everything black or white, up and up, truth without consequences. It's a shame we're not all New Yorkers like me, born in Elmsford, NY., 1935. I came to Pottstown because I would grow an Achilles Heal making me more like Teddy than Andrew. But, Evan, keep on the sunny side of the road and the law will set you free.

Ronald C. Downie

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