Sunday, March 29, 2015

Evan Brandt,

I bet all of us who have run for an election or have been appointed to an authority were not also candidates for the Mensa Society. Rather, we were ordinary citizens willing to put ourselves under the glair of public scrutiny. Surely our intent was that of acting to a higher standard as should be a mandate of all public servants. We have roll models galore  throughout each state Capitol and in Washington DC. who reap enormous yearly salaries along with some undocumented rewards. Our locals are able to get along on $1200.00 a year for their efforts and I doubt, if any, qualify for some undocumented sums which seems only to attach to the purist of the pure among us. 

Naturally, you would think that if these local do gooders had any brains they would have left town long ago before property taxes sky rocketed. But, like me, many eased into retirement still locked into a mortgage with the only escape from the town and taxes - death. 

Getting that off my chest, allow me to comment on one problem facing the Water and Sewer Authority. In order to get beyond the issue of the Philly Fire Company being charged for sewer and water use. I would instruct the fire company's bookkeeper to itemize borough events that were not fire related and that the fire company provided both men and equipment at for public service. Then to these events the bookkeeper would ascribe a reasonable cost and issue the borough a bill. These funds would develop a system of barter between the the fire company and the borough. Messy at best, it would seem to me, but to get beyond "he said, she said" it could be a start in the right direction. 

Ronald C. Downie

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