Monday, April 6, 2015

Highland Ardor :
To Stephen Trevor Upon His Birthday!

Plaid is : as a ladder to the Highlands
By a way of colored lateral stripe,
Its angles create the pattern right
Which though seen, also, is inward felt.

Highlands are made of thrust up hills, 
Creeks and rivulets cutting rocks deep,
Fit for red Scottish deer and agile sheep.
An Imperial Man finds his pleasures here.

Kilt clad Chieftains stir to sounds of pipes, 
To the reverence of drums and tap of toes,
Highlands claim their Bagpipe country woes. 
That eire shrill pulsates through hill and dale.

In you, your music transfixes time and place,
It can take you to the Scottish Highland or the 
City of your choice or to the open waters of the 
Seas. May rhythm entwine your living soul

And sprout new generations that list your way.
Running deeply within you is ancestral blood 
Colored red, blended greens, blues, river mud.
Highland plaids, similar of color, wrap your tunes.

Ronald C. Downie

Happy Birthday, young fellow, keep the tunes flowing !
Love, Nanny&PopPop

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