Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day, A Message

Ironic, it is pleasantly ironic that today is Earth Day ( April 22, 2015 ) throughout the states, possibly throughout the World. My wife Connie is at work down at the Pughtown Garden Center preparing plants and flowers for the public to enjoy at home. Her's is a job close to the goodness of the Earth. There is another aspect to the significance of this day.

Back in 1964 on this date Connie and I were packed to go to the World's Fair in New York City, although we had something very important to do on this warm, sunny Wednesday evening in April, before we would leave.

We got married that Wednesday evening at Grace Lutheran Church on Charlotte St. at 7PM. Marriage, you see, is the ultimate manifestation of all that's human in the animal we call Man. Earth Day is man's way of enshrining our Earth in a reverence as close as marriage is to two people vowing to live their lives together. Of ultimate importance is : that all humans are married to this Earth until death does us part. We all have a responsibility to leave this sphere better than we found it : this should be a sacred oath even stronger than the ties of marriage. Blessed Be !

Ronald C. Downie

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